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Founded in 2012 by two young moms from Mumbai, FrangipaniKids is a brand dedicated to our little kids and started for them. At the time, the children’s marketplace in India was tiny- there were few good quality clothes available and certainly almost no good quality ethnicwear or sleepwear. even kids basics- everyday clothes, nightwear, day wear and shoes were very limited. As young moms, we sensed a growing need for an indigenous brand that offered high quality kid’s clothes at affordable prices. During one fateful trip to Jaipur, took the plunge! Our first collection incorporated the softest printed Jaipuri mal cotton with stylish designs and embellishment and was an instant hit. Over the next few months we experimented with fits, sizing, and different fabrics and over the years gained a wealth of experience in the children's space eventually expanding our collection to sleepwear and resort wear. We understood styling and comfort and always kept in mind that young children and mom’s value comfort over and above everything else. We sourced fabrics from all over India, and saw some amazing sights along the way! It gave us a whole new perspective and a treasury of information. We started to do shows all over India, which eventually opened doors to international shows. We realized early on that our collections were well received because they were so well priced but also stylish enough that mom’s aspired to buy FrangipaniKids clothes for their little ones. It has been a long road, a tough one too with many challenges early on but we smiled and laughed through most of them, and always thought about our own experiences as mothers- what would our kids like? What would they love to wear? What would make them smile before they went to bed or at a family wedding? It was always the answers to those questions that kept our business growing and changing.  As time went by, the business evolved. We began to print our own fabrics, and develop our own exclusive prints which became a game changer for us. We were no longer dependent on what was readily available but now were actively designing and creating prints and fabrics of our choice. In doing so, we were able to support workshops, entrepreneurs, artisans and small businesses all over rural and urban India, and earned great satisfaction in doing so. We have grown to work with several long-term partners, who print, create and manufacture for us, in turn giving employment opportunities to hundreds of workers. We have never looked back after that- with our in-house super fun prints, the softest mal cotton and styling, our pajamas have become a household name all over the world. It has always been a labor of love for us, and when we look back at our business, we think largely of our Frangipani kids- 8 years older now, they have grown with us and are a constant reminder of when and how it all began...


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