Travelling with Kids – Do’s and Don’ts

Travelling with Kids – Do’s and Don’ts

It’s summer vacation time. Time to pack your bags and take the kids along for their annual trip. Sounds fun, right? It is. However, travelling with kids can be quite a daunting task. I’m sure all you parents have had their own bad experiences while taking the tiny tots on vacation.

Travelling with kids equates to lots of things to be carried, being prepared for bouts of crankiness, unpredictable changes in the travel itinerary, etc. An unprepared trip with kids in the tow can be the perfect recipe for a frustrating travel experience. Once prepared, both you and your kid will have the time of your lives and create memories to last a lifetime. Follow these simple rules and be trip-ready.

Pack Smart – Do not overpack. You will be tempted to do so but trust me pack all that’s essential only. Too many things in the bag will leave less room for bringing souvenirs back. Also, do not forget that you might have to carry your toddler or infant when he or she will be tired.

Keeping Kids Engaged– Wherever you go, see that your kids are kept engaged. This holds true from an infant to a teenager. The moment kids get bored, they can be quite a handful. Take games, books and toys etc. that will keep them happily employed during long journeys.

Choosing Kid-friendly Destinations– Not all destinations are kid-friendly. One of the things that I have learnt is that a beach is a safe bet for kids of all age. Sand and waves offer an unbeatable combination of fun element for adults and kids too. That doesn’t mean that you limit your travel diaries to beaches only. Pick destinations that allow the kids to have their share of fun. Be it wildlife resorts or places that will intrigue your kid and capture her or his imagination. F

Have It All Planned– Do not get out of your home without a plan. Right from choosing the holiday spot to what you will be doing to the transportation to be taken while travelling to and fro while visiting. Please research well on the destination (more so if it’s a place that you haven’t visited earlier) and opt for pre-bookings if you can. Know what places offer food that your kids would like. Do not cram up your day with too much to do and sightseeing activities. Take your time to chill out in the hotel and let the kids relax and rejuvenate as well. Remember, you are on a vacation and not a mission.

Choose Convenient Travel Options – Kids can get restless with long lay-overs and non-stop travel. Look out for options that will suit your children. If your travel demands long journeys, then try choosing routes and options that will allow you to take those much-needed breaks.

Ask for Child Discounts – Many places these days offer child discounts. Always ask for child discounts and save on money that can be used for enjoying the trip.

Be Prepared for Things to Go Wrong – Be prepared for the worst. There will be times when your precise planning will go haywire. Your kid would want to go visit the washroom and you may end up missing the bus. There could be last minute changes in the train or flight timings throwing your travel itinerary in a mess. Keeping an open mind will save you the stress.

Keep these simple tips in mind while you plan the next family trip and have fun. Let your kids enjoy the magic of travel. After all, in the words of Hans Christian Andersen, “To travel is to live”.
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