Things I Can Do In My Pyjamas

Things I Can Do In My Pyjamas

No Mom would deny the fact that the rainy days are often lazy, yet challenging because your little ones can't probably have outdoor play time. Although rainy day holidays are fun, it can easily turn into a day of binge-watching and mindless videogames. So how can you make your little ones have some productive fun at home?

Why not organise a Pyjama party for them? Hey, we don’t mean the usual pillow fights and jumping around on the bed. We are talking about playful activity time as they slip into their comfortable pyjamas. Of course a little movie time doesn’t hurt anyone!

So here’s what we did at our little Frangipani Pyjama Party:

Treasure Hunt 

Yes to get these kids into a fun mode we started off with our little treasure hunt. What fun to see their creative minds at work as they solved the clues and got so happy when they found the treasure! 

Music & Karaoke

So some of these kids were really good with the piano and some were just having fun posing to be “Rocketman”. And the karaoke bit was less songs and more pop corn! Well, mainly everyone was throwing popcorn at each other. It was a complete rock star moment! If you get what we mean ;-) All this laughter made us quite hungry, so we decided to bake our own cake! Something warm and sweet on a cosy rainy afternoon.

Bake a Cake

Although very messy, it did turn out to be a fun and bonding activity. Our little chefs managed to bake almost round chocolate muffins with raisins and cherries. No one really waited for the icing. We just happily ate the muffins with some Oreo milkshake. Then came the cleaning part! And these kids did a decent job helping at that too. But we were simply happy getting them into the shower and some fresh new pyjamas - all tidied up!

After this these kids relaxed with some reading and colouring as they snuggled up into their beds. So when are you trying out the Frangipani Pyjama Party? Don’t forget to share your experiences with us.
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