2017 has just begun and that means a whole new year of reinventing style. With people getting more and more conscious of their ethnic heritage, why not throw in a little tradition to embellish this summer's look? It's not just that Indian fabrics are better suited to the merciless Indian summer, but they also work better in terms of fit and cut. Fabrics like cotton, Khadi and muslin are perfect to kick of an ethnic revolution. When it comes to style, there are hundreds of ethnic variations to choose from.  Think of loose, cotton, women's anarkali kurta to flowing, pastel, girls lehengas. Modern takes on these styles can really stylize what is shaping up to be a very comfortable summer wear indeed

Ethnic wear for Everyday wear

Ethnic clothes can become  an effortless everyday wear. If not the traditional Kurta, there are a number of variants available in the market nowadays. Brands and designers that focus on fusion ethnic wear have created short sleeveless tunics and crop tops that can be paired with shorts or jeans. These tops are usually of thin cotton and printed in bright, earthy colours. With block prints or bandhani, these tops are easy to breathe, keeping the wearer cool through the day. Parallel to this, palazzos and flowy skirts are a wonderful option if tight jeans or shorts are not your preferred choices.

Ethnic choices for special occasions

A summer wedding is a perfect opportunity to show off skin while still looking demure in ethnic wear. The traditional, heavily embroidered sari can be swapped for a more modern crepe or cotton sari with graphic prints or minimal embroidery. Girls lehengas can also be reinvented in more minimalistic and simple styles. The colour palette is pastel. Muted pinks and yellows, earthy beiges and browns are the way to go. Nobody wants to be blinded by bright neon in the summer sun. A slightly understated colour palette makes sure the clothes blend in with the general ambience, but stand out in their uniqueness.

If it's a party, there are plenty of cotton summer dresses to choose from, with bold ethnic prints. Otherwise a vest and palazzo do just as well in this setting. The summer nights are when the bright colours can come out of the closet. Whether it's a poolside party or a gathering at home, the bright reds, yellows and pinks can be paired with muted colours or monochrome greys, whites and blacks to achieve a classy and refined look.

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