Silk: The Versatile Indian Fabric.

Silk: The Versatile Indian Fabric.

Royal, versatile, classic and an all time favourite material, silk has been rightly characterised in these words. Silk ensembles are an all season festive wear, that can be beautifully sewn in to splendid outfits for men and women. There’s an abundance of love for Silk in India. Indigenous to China, India seconds silk production in the world and tops the consumption world over. From silk sarees, dresses, kurtas to bridal wear, silk finds its way in to every Indians wardrobe. The fabric has made a strong foothold in the kids clothing line as well. Silk can be categorised in to many kinds – raw silk, noil silk, chanderi silk and more.

India is known for weaving varied kinds of silk. From chanderi and maheshwari silk originating from towns by the same name to rich and elegant Kancheepuram silk that finds its origin in the Kancheepuram region in Tamil Nadu. Tafetta silk flaunts a soft muted lustre and is extensively used in a wide range of kids silk outfits being ghagra cholis for girls to kurta for boys. Much like its counterparts, satin is a commonly woven silk fabric in India. From north to south, east to west, India has a rich textile heritage. Festive wardrobes are incomplete without inclusion of a silk outfit. With many silk types available in the market, which ones are widely preferred and worn? If you are on a silk textile voyage, let us help you discover home grown silks that have graced the wardrobes of the noblesse, the rich, the famous, our mothers and are constantly being innovatively designed to appeal the younger audience.

Raw silk, is manufactured using unprocessed fine thread from two or more entwined cocoons. The outcome is a fabulous piece of highly-lustrous surface that can be easily woven into multiple colours and shades of threads. From florals to intricate motifs, every strand of raw silk can be finely stitched to make a dainty cloth. In India, raw silk is widely used for crafting one-off saris, beautiful lehengas for girls and solid kurta for boys. Chanderi silk sarees are famous for its delicacy and traditional motifs that find inspiration in nature. Maheshwari silk is also a popular material used in traditional wear for its patterns, prints and adaptability. Kancheepuram sarees on the other hand as popular as they are, these sarees are priced highly for every thread that is woven is dipped in gold and silver before it transitions in to a design.

When it comes to kids festive wear, the world over Indian moms are dressing their little ones in silk outfits, for this homegrown fabric festive wear is easily accessible, is well designed and quintessentially keeps their little ones looking stylish and comfortable at same time.

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