Top Fashion Trends For Little Boys & Girls in 2022

Top Fashion Trends For Little Boys & Girls in 2022

In a world emerging from its pandemic induced shell, there is suddenly a flurry of outings and events to get to and yet comfort has now become non-negotiable for children who spent two years in their comfiest attire. So, while loungewear continues to be a priority, parents are still opting for extreme comfort in their kidswear choices. Here are the top trends gaining force in 2022:

1. Light, Bright & Neutral:

Designers are going with the entire spectrum of colours, unrestricted in their choices. While pastels have their place in certain types of clothing, vibrant, eye-catching colours make their mark too. Pink is no longer just for girls and blue is no longer a “boy thing” either. Suddenly, racks are filled with an assortment of vivid hues, especially as tie-n-dye makes a comeback and subdued tonal wear is brightened by splashes of colour or simply left to its own device.

2. The Comfort Fit On-Dit:

The post-pandemic demands veer towards looser silhouettes which are becoming a natural trend. Ranging from comfort fits to overtly baggy styles, clothes are becoming size inclusive for the little minions too. Comfort also means a premium choice of fabrics, careful manufacturing, and experienced designing to prevent itching, rashes, or resistance from the little ones. This conscientious manufacturing is what most parents are expecting for their children today.

3. A Conscious Care:

We’ve emerged into a more conscious world. We are now a people who care, who hold to our ideals and our values and we definitely think about the source of our fashion picks. For children, parents prefer organic cotton clothing today that is hypoallergic. The cotton is grown through natural and sustainable methods with no harmful pesticides killing the soil and harming our planet. Parents are not opposed to paying a justified premium for superior quality fabrics and in fact demand the best for their little “mini-me”.

4. Imprinting on Prints:

Large prints, fine prints, bright prints, light prints, geometric prints, motif prints – there are infinite possibilities. And, parents are looking to buy prints that appeal to their likes and dislikes or are based on things the child relates to or notices. In 2022, you’ll see more than a sea of unicorns and chevrons. From cute crabs to balloon-wielding party animals to Jaipuri prints to fascinating florals - the fabric will be a canvas to depict the beauty of this world. Happy prints make happy babies and, let’s face it, they make it all look good.

5. Twinning is Winning:

Let’s not forget the family packs this year. There is a rising trend in 2022 of twinning outfits for the family, especially the awesome twosome of mama and child. With gender-fluid clothing, there is little to stop the mighty mama from matching up with her boisterous boy or garrulous girl, or both. From tunics to jammies and everything in between, families are banding together, making memories, and feeling a sense of connection through their apparel.

While fashion is ever-changing and a personal expression of style, feelings, and moods, there are some commonalities in the choices parents make, to give their children comfortable and note-worthy clothes. And one key commonality we have seen in the last two years is loyalty. With a plethora of choices, there is also dithering confusion. So, sometimes parents find it easier to choose from trusted brands that they have known to last well. Frangipani is one such household name for children’s attire, and we’re proud to continue growing with the help of such trust. 
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