Floral Prints in Fashion.

Floral Prints in Fashion.

Every design inspiration is drawn from the past or the present and adaptated to redefine trends. Nature has been known to inspire the likes of many reknowned artists, designers, brands and continues to do so. Be it fashion, graphics or interiors bout of nature can be seen everywhere. One such idea that revives time and again in newer forms or patterns are floral prints. They are a classic that never really goes out of fashion, just evolves in newer fascination to appeal the younger audiences. Right from ‘Kashmir to Kanyakumari’ , from the bygone era to the current technologically advanced times, floral patterns have added charm and cheer in more than many ways and spaces. The natural scenic picturesque landscapes to the handmade floral motifs on the Taj Mahal, every aspect of our lives have somewhere or the other been stirred by flowers.

Floral prints with their vivacity, colourful appeal give any piece of art or an apparel an instant uplift. Fashion too has been fervoured by the floral trend. Jackets for men, floral printed sarees for women to vibrant little girls lehengas. It is hard not to be swayed by this print. From roses entwined in leaves to hisbiscus and cherry blossoms in a spring collection. The demand for floral prints have grown exponentially. Not just nationally, world over people are swooned by this print. From Kimonos that feature floral prints that are indigenous to Japan to the sought-after peonies that have been made popular by the Chinese. Lotus flowers that symbolise luck and money have commonly been embroidered, stitched or embelished on girls lehengas.

Brocade girls lehengas featuring floral prints are fancied and demanded by moms for their ethnic vivacity and stylised look. Kids clothing brands and designers too are using various techniques to render this attractive print. With the popularity that flowers like roses, carnations, hisbiscus, peonies, Indian chintz enjoy it is hard to rule out any one floral print that has stormed the fashion scene. For the feminity, grace, whimsy that floral prints attribute, women, find it hard to single this print out when shopping. Flower fashion has constantly added a refreshing texture and colour to wardrobes making it an essential. With the bygone era, having a fascinating floral print history and the current times adapting it to newer tastes, its going to be an even splendid affair to see what future holds, when it comes to redefining floral prints.

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