Fast Fashion versus Sustainability - Your child deserves the best

Fast Fashion versus Sustainability - Your child deserves the best

There’s no debate about it since this topic has been talked about amongst everyone for a while now. The fashion industry is very dynamic and keeps evolving constantly,  this can be attributed to consumers’ preference for affordable clothing which is in style too.

 The nature of fast fashion - the intense ability to compress the production time cycles and turn out up-to-the-minute designs. This process almost makes it impossible for fast fashion to not leave a carbon footprint and ever be sustainable truly. However, the fact remains that innovation in the way of making the clothes has not kept pace with the speed of how they are manufactured, designed, and marketed. 

 On the other hand, sustainable fashion takes the environmental and socio-economic aspects into account while manufacturing and marketing products. Unlike fast fashion, sustainable fashion focuses more on the environment as well as ethics. 

Frangipani, a sustainable kids’ clothing brand, takes pride in reimagining the future of the kids’ fashion industry by bringing the best quality clothing for your little ones. Keeping the child’s best interests at heart is Frangipani’s core ideology. Creating a wide range of sustainable apparel made from ethically sourced 100% organic cotton,  the collections are an interesting fusion of style and comfort. 

All the products are entirely made in India that supports workshops,  entrepreneurs, artisans, and small businesses across rural and urban areas in the country. With sustainability and innovation at its heart, Frangipani boasts refreshingly fun prints in the softest  cotton in the form of the comfiest nightwear sets and pajamas for boys and girls. 

Frangipani contributes to the greater good of the planet by offering wearable pieces of art made to last years and age softer. Featuring collections that are made out of soft cotton, chemical-free dyes, and exclusively designed prints - the brand has a mother-like warmth to it and a great ethos to stand by. 

Not only is Frangipani giving a new meaning to style that is sustainable but it is also reducing the carbon footprint in the kids’ fashion world and there’s no going back! 

You can shop these lovely pieces now at and take a step towards a sustainable world. You can reach out to us on WhatsApp (+91 9920172557) in case of any queries or drop in our inbox at 

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