Convenience is the New Cool

Convenience is the New Cool

How convenience oriented is today's world? Any professional will advocate the opinion that there is very little time for everyday chores. With the majority of the 24 hours in a day spent working, where does one find the time to shop for groceries, clothes, household appliances and furniture? How does one find time to pursue their hobbies be it reading, painting, writing or even pottery?

Enter the convenience of online shopping. If there is not time to go to a store to buy a book or a set of paints, it can be easily procured at an arm's length. The Smartphone is the megastore!

Here examined, are a few things one can now easily shop online, in the comfort of their homes and pyjamas.

  1. Clothes for the whole family - Gone are the days of struggling to pack the whole family into a car and trek to the nearest clothes mart for festival clothes shopping. Honestly, nobody enjoyed those forced excursions that almost always were an exercise in futility. Now it is possible for anyone, from moms to teens to go online night suit shopping to buying designer wear, everything can be done in a click.

  2. Second hand everything - from used books to used electronics, everything can be bought online. Yes there is a certain romance in scouring through the shelves of a second hand bookstore. However, if time is not a convenience that one can afford, this certainly is.

  3. Groceries - sometimes, shopping for the weekly groceries can be a real drag. Lugging a loaded cart around a crowded shop isn't exactly what one wants to do with free time. But it is now possible to do this from the comfort of home. Various apps have taken up the idea of delivering groceries. With quality guarantees and return policies, this is definitely a viable option.

  4. Gifts - can't think of what to buy for someone you barely know? The internet, as always has the answer. Online stores that specialise in gifting are now an option. Personalised or generalised, these gifts aim to please. Put together by product designers and graphic artists, these amazing gift ideas and products are the new way of conveying gratitude.

  5. Hobby items - From stamp collecting to decoupage, if there's no time to go hunting for little things have no fear. It is all available online. From art and craft supplies, to woodwork and pottery tools, it is now possible to procure precisely what you need for a price.

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